The feminine side of Bitcoin news: BTC-ECHO in conversation with Fortunalista

It’s no secret in the crypto world: the abstract theme Bitcoin attracts mostly male interested parties. Since money affects all of us, regardless of gender, it was important to me to shed light on the views of our „pioneers“ in the scene. That’s why I had a little talk with Margarethe Honisch from Fortunalista.

Bitcoin news: Finances are not only a men’s topic

In the midst of discussions about price rises and wallets often found in Bitcoin news groups, I found an interesting article called „Why Bitcoin can change the lives of millions of women“. Bitcoin’s revolutionary potential is what unites most of us as enthusiasts across society. Blogger Margarethe Honisch explains how Bitcoin news can help women around the world achieve equality.

How she came to Bitcoin, how Bitcoin can now help in concrete terms, what her experiences have been and how Bitcoin will develop, we have put together for you in an interview!

Hey, Margarethe! I’m glad you could take the time for an interview. I don’t want to talk about the topic for long and prefer to hear your view of the crypto world.

How did you get to Bitcoin news? What aroused your interest back then?

I first heard about Bitcoin news about two years ago. The information was quite unclear to me and was almost always related to Darknet and Nerdgeld. At some point I finally noticed how the value was constantly changing positively and my investor heart was awakened. I finally informed myself more intensively about the Bitcoin news and its backgrounds and its origins. How and why did Bitcoin develop at all? What opportunities does it bring? The more I learned, the more enthusiastic I became and the fascination for Bitcoin and crypto currency was awakened.

Meanwhile I am not only investing in the Bitcoin, but also in various old coins. I think I’m probably what you call a risk investor. However, my experience with stocks has taught me to stay calm when the price falls again.

Many people, not least myself, have become aware of Bitcoin through its positive performance. The fact that you already had previous experience with stocks probably also benefited you. You also share your experiences with other people via your blog „Fortunalista“. What is it about?

Fortunalista is a financial blog that is aimed at women who don’t really want to finance. All my life I have never been interested in saving or investing because I found these topics incredibly stuffy and boring. At some point the penny fell – in the truest sense of the word – and I thought to myself that I couldn’t always hit all my money on the head. When I then began to read myself into the matter, I found it quite exhausting. I thought it might be possible to make the topic a little more interesting. So the idea was born to create a financial blog for women, which is entertaining and conveys everything important.

First of all, I want to motivate women to deal with their finances at all. We women in particular are most affected by poverty in old age for a wide variety of reasons. In my opinion, one cannot always rely solely on politics, but must also act oneself. I would like to give my readers the tools they need to be financially secure. Since I would like to show that one does not have to do without the pleasant things of the life despite savings plan, Topics like journeys or clothes are just as brought up for discussion as gender gap, shares and crypto currencies.

A super philosophy! Especially our crypto-world is also about personal responsibility, those who wait for politics may wait in vain – so rather take the helm yourself! Now the proportion of women seems to be relatively low, what experience have you had as a „pioneer“? Were there certain reactions from men or women? What do you think might be of particular interest to women?

In fact, I have found that both men and women look at me like a freak when I talk about Bitcoin. Above all, many people can’t believe that I know a little and invest a little.

But it becomes interesting when you try to explain to people in simple words what „this Bitcoin“ actually is and what the advantages are. Most people saw it for a long time in the illegal corner. With

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